General information about
MicroQuartz GmbH
Our company was founded 1 March 1988 as a spin-off company of the Siemens AG. The subject is development and production of glass components for gas-chromatography, optical data transmission and laser techniques. We mainly apply technologies and know how of the Siemens AG where many of our employees were engaged in these fields for many years. All members of our staff are specialists.
Indirectly the Siemens AG participates in our company and places two of our three counsels to our disposal.
The buyers of our products are from Western Europe and the USA.

c/o Siemens AG, Raum 82/233 · Otto-Hahn-Ring 6 · D-81739 München · Germany
Phone +49 89 625 77 55 · Fax +49 89 625 77 56 · email: